Yoga with Zahrie
Manhattan, NY
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March 2, 2019
University of Rhode Island
Compassion Retreat @ URI
This half day retreat will bring together wellness, mindfulness tools, and vinyasa flow to cultivate compassion within ourselves and our communities.
Sun, Jul 14
Tiki Joe's Cedar Beach
Beer Yoga on the Beach
New to Yoga? Join your pals in this beginner friendly yoga class with a twist - beer included! Bring a yoga mat or a couple of towels and don't forget a drinking buddy! $25 Entry Fee at the door, cash and card accepted.
Mon, Oct 08
Bridge For Dance, Inc.
Yoga for Stability
A four class foundational series will invite students to experience grounding and centering progressions that will refresh and stabilize your practice.
Fri, Jul 12
Stony Brook
Yoga for Health Practitioners
Yoga for Health Practitioners is a class designed to provide mindfulness, yoga/meditation and wellness tools for students in the medical field. These techniques will teach medical students new ways to handle stress, become more efficient listeners, and care for themselves on a deeper level.